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No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteVince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building program has been around for about 5 years now, but far from being out of date it’s constantly being improved and updated. I got my hands on the ebooks, videos and audio that, while worth over $1000, cost just a fraction of that.

If you’re not familiar with Vince DelMonte, he’s a Personal trainer and Canadian Fitness Model Champion. He was once known as “Skinny Vinny” when he weighed just 149 and competed in long distance running and triathlons, but then in just 6 months he gained over 41 pounds of rock-hard muscle without drugs, without a lot of supplements, and training only three days per week.

I’m a personal trainer and I’ve been exercising for nearly 20 years. I’m always interested to learn more but I was sceptical that the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program could teach me anything new. I’m already very impressed with Vince DelMonte’s Your Six Pack Quest program, but I was curious to see if I was getting anything different.

The answer is a resounding yes!

The first thing I noticed was just how much content there was for such a small amount of money. I received the No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook with over $1000 worth of bonus material which included video, audio and more ebooks, which unlike many products were things I was actually interested in having. All of this came with unlimited updates, access to the Private Member forum, and a money-back guarantee!

This is what you get when you order No Nonsense Muscle Building, each of which I’ll be telling you more about. It can be watched online or you can quickly and easily download…

No Nonsense Muscle Building E-Book

Beginner-Intermediate 29 Week Intensive Plan

Advanced 29 Week MaxPower Plan

Upside Down Training

Empowered Nutrition

The Insane Exercise Demonstrator

The Metabolic Growth Calculator

The Supplement Watch Files: Vince’s Personally Reviewed Nutritional’s Collection

The Exclusive Unforgivable Bodybuilding Sins Audio Expose

Instant 24/7 Fitness Coach

Unlimited E-Book And Program Updates

No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD

No-Nonsense Private Member Zone

No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteStarting with the No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook, which Vince DelMonte tells us encompasses his ‘core’ systems and techniques and that the program and system will work for anybody. Young or old. Male or female. Skinny or chubby. Whether you want to tone and firm up, require sport-specific conditioning, compete in a Fitness Model or Bodybuilding competition or to simply pack on 20, 30, 40 or even 5 pounds of new muscle to your frame. Starting with…

Chapter 1 – Top 15 Mistakes to Avoid Before You Even Start Training – This includes not having a goal; labelling yourself as a ‘hard gainer’; confusing knowing something with actually doing it; focusing on outcomes instead of performance; not being truly committed to your goals; not being prepared to break old habits and build new habits; not putting a deadline on your goals; failing to prepare is preparing to fail; not writing it down; not keeping a log book; using bad information; not harnessing your power of intuition and instinct; not deciding to be successful and not taking responsibility; not being held accountable; and finally, ignorance.

Chapter 2 – The Top 12 Muscle-Building Myths – A very interesting chapter which busts many myths including nutrition supplements will help you gain muscle; you need to alternate between low-intensity phases and high-intensity phases; if you are not getting bigger, blame it on your genetics; take steroids if you have not made gains after a few years (these are myths remember!); “I’m training to sculpt, tone, shape and define”; high reps equal getting cut and low reps equal mass; yesterday was chest day, today is leg day and tomorrow is arm day; you need to ‘shock” your muscles and keep them guessing; for the best results you must train to failure; train instinctively and “listen to your body”; searching for the perfect workout; and getting a pump is necessary for muscular size.

Chapter 3 – How To Build Muscle – After nicely explaining how forcing your muscles to do more work will force your muscles to get bigger, Vince DelMonte then gives us his 8 No Nonsense Growth Principles to do just this.

Principle #1 – The Stress Must Be Specific – which is achieved not by drop sets, or high volume workouts, or static contraction workouts, or muscle building workouts that have come about due to the use of steroids.

Principle #2 – The Stress Must Be Above Your Threshold – so training with weights of 60% or even 80% of your 1 rep max will at best result in gaining only 2-5 pounds of muscle a year.

Principle #3 – The Stress Must Be With Heavy Weights – because muscles only ‘wake up’ in an emergency when every fibre is required.

Principle #4The Stress Must Be With High Reps – lifting for low reps might make you the strongest guy in the gym but is not the best way to increase muscle size.

Principle #5 – The Stress Must Be Progressive Overload – lifting slow-speed light weight for high reps is only good for burning calories. There is much more research and real-world results to prove that maximum muscle building occurs when heavy weights and high repetitions are used.

Principle #6 – The Stress Must Be Intense – in other words, lifting weights that are at least as big as your last workout.

Principle #7 – You Must Recover From The Stress – staying out of the gym and recovering will put far more muscle on you than any amount of money spent on supplements.

Principle #8 – The Stress Must Be Short And Infrequent – Training too often will sabotage your success. Instead Vince DelMonte explains why you need to recover and how to monitor your performance to avoid over-training.

(Advanced) Principle #8 – The Stress Must Achieve The Maximal Result With The Minimal Amount Of Work – This final no-nonsense growth principle is specifically designed for advanced trainees who have been training for over 4 years and are reaching their maximal genetic potential. It involves doing only 1 or 2 exercises per body part for just 1 all-out set and is explained in much more detail later in the book.

Chapter 4 – Advanced Recovery Methods – How To Accelerate Recovery From Training – Including time, such as between each workout and each training cycle; good nutrition, which is so important it gets a chapter of its own; supplements, which also gets a chapter of its own; drugs, which is left to you to decide whether you want to use or not; sleep, including when, how and why; and stress management, including its effects on training and recovery.

Chapter 5 – Optimizing Hormones For Muscle Growth – A fascinating and simple explanation of a very complex topic. Vince DelMonte covers 6 hormones: Insulin, including how it can maximise muscle building and minimise fat storage if controlled correctly; glucagon, which can either result in muscle loss or fat loss; cortisol, what causes its release, why it’s so bad for muscle growth, and how to control it; testosterone, what causes its release, why it’s so good for muscle growth, and how to control it; growth hormone, again what causes its release, why it’s so good for muscle growth, and how to control it; and finally, thyroid hormones, which speed up your metabolism.

Chapter 6 – Explosive Fat-Burning Secrets – Which begins with Vince DelMonte stating that we are about to learn that when done properly, cardiovascular exercise not only burns fat, it can indirectly help grow muscle. To start he explains the difference between aerobic and cardiovascular training; how aerobics has been shown to speed up recovery from weight training; why steady state aerobics is not as effective; a closer look at metabolism; caloric expenditure and anaerobic training; interval training; interval training is not the only way to lose fat; the best time to do cardio; cardio nutrition vs weight-lifting nutrition; “I’ve got a pot belly and I’m skinny!”; and your body is smarter than you.

Chapter 7 – Massive Eating – As you can probably guess from the title, this chapter is about how anyone can gain weight. And not weight from fat, but weight from lean muscle. Starting with the simple answer to why you can’t gain weight; energy balance; calculating caloric requirements for extreme muscle growth involving rmr, cost of activity, thermic effect of food, and adaptive thermogenesis. To make this easier you can instead use the calorie calculator; next is which strategy to use to bulk up – advanced weight gain or progressive weight gain (stay lean all year); how much weight to aim for before ‘cutting’; can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time; here’s what to add to the kitchen – which is Vince DelMonte’s list of exactly what food to get rid of and which to add, followed by an explanation of his top 10 nutrition rules which include: eat every 2-3 hours for insane muscle gain, eat 40-60 grams of protein with each meal, eat healthy fats with each meal, raid a buffet at least once a week, and time your carbohydrates.

The next section of what is probably the most important chapter in the book is nutrient timing – the energy phase, the anabolic phase, the growth phase and the recovery phase, which explains how when you eat certain foods is just as important as what you eat. As part of this Vince DelMonte shares over 30 recipes for pre, during, and post workout shakes.

Although this massive chapter on massive eating is finally complete, it won’t be the last time I go back to read it. More so than any other part of the No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook, I quickly gave up making notes when I realised everything I read was so important I needed to immediately make it a part of my daily diet and routine. This alone is worth the money and I’m not even half way through the book yet!

Chapter 8 – Making Sense of Supplementation – Choose Them Wisely – After providing a sound argument about why no supplements are essential as most of them do little to help muscle building, Vince DelMonte then provides a short list of those that proven to work and can be used if you find it hard to get all of the required nutrients from your diet. After this, a list of popular supplements that you should definitely avoid and why.

Chapter 9 – Injury Prevention And Avoiding The Causes – “Injuries have causes – they do not simply find us out because of bad luck or fate.” Which is why this chapter contains the top 10 causes of injury and how to avoid them. This includes failing to warm up; training too often, and what this really means; inappropriate weights; lack of adequate nutrients; range of motion; stretching, along with some flexibility tips and guidelines; muscle imbalances and weakness.

Chapter 10 – No Nonsense Maximum Muscle Growth Programs – Now we’re getting to Vince DelMonte’s muscle building workouts. After reading the first half of the book you now realise that however important this is, there are many other aspects to reaching your goal. There are 5 foundational principles to execute during each workout which are: Increase muscle threshold beyond last workout, which means build more muscle and get stronger; activate as many muscle fibres as possible, which means don’t choose lighter weights than you can lift or give up a rep too soon; train with heavy weights for high reps; train to failure, which means you set is not complete until you can’t possibly move the weight anymore; measure your intensity, because if you don’t know what you lifted last workout you don’t know what you need to beat to increase your threshold.

Vince DelMonte then goes on to explain how to measure your results and what to track, how to set new muscle thresholds, and how much stronger you should be getting with each workout. One of the ways this is done is “time under tension” which alters depending on whether you’re in a neural (strength) phase, or metabolic (muscle building) phase. Following this is a recharge phase which will allow your muscles, immune system, hormonal system and central nervous system to fully recover before the next training phase.

Vince Delmonte then goes on to talk about the “upside down” training phase, which is a 4-week program designed to eliminate muscle weaknesses and correct any injuries. Specifically to improve posture by lengthening shortened muscles, strengthening weaker muscles, increasing core stability and strength, and increasing shoulder stability. Then, to improve functional strength and conditioning with body weight exercises, decrease lagging body parts with advanced intensity techniques, and decrease weak angles of a muscle by adjusting training technique. A complete program of stretches and workouts is provided, plus there is a separate ebook and video for this which I’ll be coming to soon.

Next things get more challenging, with the beginner-intermediate 29-week program based on undulating periodisation. Every workout is covered for every day of the program, which is all well explained and leaves no need for guesswork. Again there is a separate ebook and video.

The final section of Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook is the complete advanced max-power 29-week training program. Based around giant sets for muscle building and Vince’s own crash sets for strength building, every workout for every training day is again covered in detail. You definitely won’t get bored with these varied and interesting workouts, especially when 60 minutes is the maximum time you’re given to complete any of them. Instead I found I made gains, even after having 20 years of training, while being in the gym less than ever!

In conclusion – Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook alone is worth the money. Even if you didn’t get all of the bonus products his book would put you well ahead of the competition. The Beginner-Intermediate 29 Week Intensive Plan and the Advanced 29 Week MaxPower Plan are well presented versions of the workouts in the main book. Designed to be printer-friendly they can easily be taken to the gym for you to follow.

There’s still plenty more for me to review however, so let’s move on to…


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteUpside Down Training – This ebook covers the details of upside down training as mentioned in No Nonsense Muscle Building. This is the place to start before you begin the size and strength workouts. It is still to be done to failure and your weak side is to be done first to help with muscle weaknesses and imbalances. Using 1 and ½ reps, 21’s, various lifting tempos, and smaller groups before larger, all of which isn’t your typical training content. Vince DelMonte works on shoulder stability with a circuit training program, a separate program for abs, and a bodyweight circuit. All of this is to be done 4 days a week for 3-6 weeks and is all well explained and well presented. Definitely something to return to every few months. Upside Down Training is demonstrated by Vince DelMonte in the video I’ll be talking about later.



No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteBeginner-Intermediate 29 Week Intensive Plan – This ebook contains the details and workouts for the following 29 weeks, which involves shoulder stability, undulating reps, flexibility and super sets. All the workouts are varied and as a result, training is never dull.


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteAdvanced 29 Week MaxPower Plan – Once you’ve completed the Beginner-Intermediate plan, you’re now ready for building some serious muscle size and strength. Using giant sets and crash sets 3 or 4 times a week, there won’t be anyone else in the gym training like you. Or able to train like you! Personally this is where I’m at and although I had a pretty impressive physique to begin with and was always getting asked for advice, with Vince DelMonte’s giant sets/crash sets combination I’ve never had so much muscle!


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteEmpowered Nutrition – One of the hardest things about trying to lose body fat is no longer eating the food you’re used to and instead having a healthier, yet just as tasty, alternative. No Nonsense Muscle Building comes with 84-day meal plans which includes what you should eat, at what time, how to prepare it, and exactly what the calorie contents, protein contents, carbohydrates and fats are for each meal, plus the totals for each day. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a full list of exactly what groceries you’ll need to buy each week.

The meal plans are varied, surprisingly tasty considering how healthy everything is, and are available for 2000 calorie diets, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 calorie diets. In other words, for everyone!


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteThe Insane Exercise Demonstrator – As I’m a bit of an exercise collector, the Insane Exercise Demonstrator is one of my favourite parts of the No Nonsense Muscle Building program. Offering every exercise and stretch necessary to complete the entire program, this fully-animated online database is organised by muscle group and movement pattern explains more than 100 exercises. It’s quick, clear, easy to use and easy to understand.


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteThe Metabolic Growth Calculator – While it’s useful to know what goes into working out the amount of calories you need to get the most from No Nonsense Muscle Building, we don’t all find it fun to do the calculations. To save you the trouble, Vince DelMonte has helpfully, and no doubt by popular demand, provided the metabolic growth calculator. Simply type in a few details and get an instant result, whether your goal is maintenance, cutting, progressive weight gain, or advanced weight gain.


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteThe Supplement Watch Files: Vince’s Personally Reviewed Nutritional’s Collection – This online article, which also contains videos and links to many others, is Vince DelMonte’s personal list of the best nutritional supplements which he recommends based on absorption, potency, and quality.


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteThe Exclusive Unforgivable Bodybuilding Sins Audio Expose – The Top 20 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym – I would say this is the only disappointing part of the whole No Nonsense Muscle Building program. This is actually a downloadable free report and as such it’s very good. But as I’ve now got the program it seems a bit of a strange addition. That said, no product is perfect and I’m not going to tell you how wonderful something is if that’s not what I think. The No Nonsense Muscle Building program is excellent, this particular bonus part of it isn’t if you’ve already got the rest!


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteInstant 24/7 Fitness Coach  – You’ve read all of the books, watched all of the videos, and listened to all of the audios, but you’ve still got a question you need answering. The instant fitness coach answers every Frequently Asked Question all on one page. If yours isn’t there and you want Vince DelMonte to answer, not someone off the private member forum, you can email him directly.


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteUnlimited E-Book And Program Updates – Committed to making No Nonsense Muscle Building the last program you’ll ever need, Vince DelMonte is dedicated to continually making it better, more complete, and easier to follow. Whether the updates are made in 6 months or 20 years, you get them FREE. I can’t think of many programs that do that!


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteNo-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD – Watch Vince DelMonte demonstrate the upside down training workout, the bodyweight conditioning program, the beginner-intermediate workout, and the advanced max power workout. Along with this he explains a few things extra things as he trains including technique, giant sets, crash sets, and cardio.

It’s obvious from watching this that Vince DelMonte isn’t a writer or a marketer that’s just made a program from what he’s read on the internet. He’s obviously done all of these exercises a lot!


No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonteNo-Nonsense Private Member Zone – If all the information provided in No Nonsense Muscle Building isn’t enough, the Private Member Forum will no doubt have the answer. Accessible only to those who have bought a Vince DelMonte product you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. You get the opinions and advice of others that have actually been where you are, bought the No Nonsense Muscle Building program, and achieved the results you want. You can also chat with others trying to gain muscle, weight or get a six-pack; create a training journal and log your progress; post your pictures to get feedback; discuss muscle building and fat loss training; learn more about the supplements Vince DelMonte uses; access a complete area on nutrition; get brand name supplement reviews; read reviews of other training programs; access articles, training programs and meal plans; listen to audio interviews.

As it’s a private members only area you avoid the usual downsides of a public forum, which is why it’s one of the most valuable parts of the entire No Nonsense Muscle Building program.

So What’s The Verdict?


I’ve already reviewed Your Six Pack Quest, one of Vince DelMonte’s other programs, and although I was very impressed with it I did wonder if No Nonsense Muscle Building was just going to the same stuff repackaged.

I’m happy to say it wasn’t.

No Nonsense Muscle Building is an excellent package that has taught me plenty of things I didn’t already know after 20 years of weight training and exercise. I’ve already gained several pounds of muscle while keeping my body fat around 7% and next time one of my clients asks me something I don’t know the answer to, Vince DelMonte is the first place I’ll go.

I can’t recommend No Nonsense Muscle Building highly enough, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a gym veteran like myself, it definitely lives up to the hype.


To Find Out More Or Purchase Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building Click Here Now!

No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince DelMonte

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