Get A Six Pack In Under An Hour! Workout Program To Get A Six Pack

Workout To Get A Six PackOne of the things I get asked most often is what exercises to do to get a six pack, or what workout program to do to get a six pack. The answer generally wanted and expected from me is along the lines of do a few sit ups, follow that with some crunches, and then finish with the latest weird oblique exercise. But more often than not, my answer is that reducing body fat to below 15% and ideally below 10% is the first priority, otherwise the best six pack muscles in the world will just be hidden behind a layer of stomach fat.

To achieve a lower body fat percentage, the focus must be on controlling your diet, followed by allowing enough rest time for proper recovery. Only once this is achieved does the work in the gym become important. And by this I don’t mean some magic or secret abdominal workout program that instantly produces a perfect six pack and is known only to a few top bodybuilders, fitness models and expert trainers. I mean a workout program that involves working the six pack AND all other muscles, which will not only result in a toned and impressive physique, but will also boost metabolism and burn off body fat better than anything else.

The following workout program is exactly that.


Straight Bar Cable Extension & Overhead Dumbbell Extension
Reverse Dumbbell Skullcrusher & V Bar Extension

Dumbbell Hammer Curl & Z Bar Narrow Curl
Reverse Cable Curl & Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Plank & Upper Crunch On Swiss Ball
Oblique Crunch & Lower Crunch


Dumbbell Lunges & Leg Press
Leg Extension & Squat

Leg Press Single & Standing Calf Raise Single
Seated Calf Raise & Standing Calf Raise

Dumbbell Press & Lat Raise
Dumbbell Shrug & BarBell Vertical Row


Dumbbell Hanging & Dumbbell Curl
Reverse DB Curl & Hammer Dumbbell Curl

Cable Crunch & V Crunch
Oblique Cable Crunch & Oblique Crunch On Swiss Ball

Cable Chest Press Low & Flat Dumbbell Fly
Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press & Press Up


Stiff Legged Deadlift & Dumbbell Deadlift
Leg Curl  & Back Extension On Swiss Ball

Hanging Leg Raise & Lying Leg Raise
Oblique Cable Crunch & Russian Oblique Twist

Wide Lat Pulldown & Double Dumbbell Row
Rear Dumbbell Fly & Straight Arm Cable Pullover

As you can see it involves split routines, which concentrates the effort on different muscle groups on different days, and super sets. If you’ve never tried super sets before don’t worry, I’m about to explain everything for you.

Let’s use Monday’s workout as our example. You will be training your triceps, then your biceps, and then finally your abdominals. Starting with the Triceps you can see there are two pairs of exercises – Straight Bar Cable Extension & Overhead Dumbbell Extension, then Reverse Dumbbell Skullcrusher & V Bar Extension. What this means is that you do the Straight Bar Cable Extension for 10 reps to failure, then immediately do the Overhead Dumbbell Extension for 10 reps to failure. This is super set 1, and only now do you rest, for a maximum of 1 minute. Next do the Straight Bar Cable Extension for 10 reps to failure, then the Overhead Dumbbell Extension for 10 reps to failure. This is set 2. Rest for up to 1 minute, then repeat the 10 reps to failure for set 3.

Still allowing yourself a maximum of 1 minutes rest, now go on to the Reverse Dumbbell Skullcrusher and V Bar Extension combination. Again do the first exercise, go straight on to the second which completes set 1, then rest for up a minute. Repeat this twice more to make 3 super sets for these two exercises. This means a total of 6 super sets, 3 for each combination, and that’s your triceps trained for today.

This will only take about 15 minutes to do and might not seem much, but only by trying it will you realise how much it actually does work your triceps. It will also get your heart rate up which combines to boost your metabolism and burn body fat like nothing else!

So now that you’ve done your triceps, without any rest move on to training your biceps in the same way, and then finally in Monday’s workout it’s your abs. The whole thing will take less than an hour, probably more like 45 minutes, and I guarantee that if you’re eating correctly you’ll notice see the benefits to your shape, your fitness, your body fat and of course, your six pack in less than 6 weeks.

Remember to share your results or any feedback by leaving a comment below.



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