How To Motivate Yourself With Punishments And Rewards

How To Motivate Yourself With Punishments And RewardsFor some people the goal of getting a six pack is enough to motivate them to exercise and improve their diet, but for the rest of us a little more persuasion is needed. Here are a couple of ideas for you to try.

Motivate Yourself With A Reward

Rewarding yourself is as simple as it sounds. Every time you go to the gym, you get a reward. Every time you eat a healthy meal instead of junk, you get a reward. Every time your weight changes for the better, you get a reward.

You see how simple this is?

It might be that you’re already motivated enough to only need to reward yourself for 1 or 2 things, but if it’s more that doesn’t matter. Whatever is good for you.

I suggest that the reward you get for each thing isn’t too good though, otherwise you’ll just get bored of them and lose interest. Instead trying making the reward 1 point, and you need so many points at the end of the week to get something more substantial.

An example might be a 12-point goal, which is a point for each of the 5 times you exercise and a point for each of the 7 days you go without eating any junk food.

Now although the ultimate reward needs to be something that’s going to help motivate you, don’t let it undo all the good work you’ve done during the week.

For example, going out for a high-calorie meal accompanied by several drinks will defeat the point a little. Quite a lot actually. Instead you might allow yourself a relaxing night in with a good movie and a glass wine or beer. Or it might be just to sleep late Sunday morning.

Whatever you would look forward to as a reward is all that matters.

Motivate Yourself With A Punishment

If the thought of getting a reward doesn’t do it for you and you’re more of a move-away-from-pain type of person, then this could be for you. You still do the points system I’ve just talked about, but instead of getting a reward for reaching a certain amount, you punish yourself if you don’t.

A punishment can be anything that you don’t like doing, so you might tell five friends that you’ll wash their cars, buy them all lunch, or be your spouse’s slave for the day (if you’re not already). As long as you’re not going to enjoy it, that’s a punishment.

Combining the two ideas, you could punish yourself if you don’t get enough points AND reward yourself if you do.

Imagine it’s Friday and it’s your last chance to get the 2 more points you need. You’ve got a healthy meal waiting for you at home so that’s 1, and you were going to go to the gym for the other. But it’s been an awful day at work and you just want to go home. If you do that though, not only will you not have enough points to go out tomorrow night with your friends, you’ll have to get up early Sunday morning to make your spouse breakfast in bed.

At first you wonder why you ever agreed to the stupid points system, then you think about cheating, but that would mean lying to everyone so you dismiss that idea. The next thing you know you’re in the gym, the stress you felt has all but gone, and you can’t wait to go out tomorrow night and sleep late Sunday morning.

What a brilliant idea the points system is!

As always, any questions or feedback leave a comment below.

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  1. this is a brilliant idea to motivate myself!!! it is exciting as well.. and also, the point system can also be used for changing other behaviours such as eating junk food or decreasing caffeine intake etc….thanks so much 🙂

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