How To Do A V Crunch

How To Do The V Crunch - Dream Body Six PackThe V Crunch is best described as a combination of the upper and lower crunch, which gives you a lot to think about while you perfect your technique. When you get it right however, you’ll be able to give your whole six pack a serious workout.

The V Crunch is an excellent exercise that concentrates the effort on the whole rectus abdominis muscle, but it needs to be done correctly otherwise it can just turn into one that’s just another hip flexor movement.

V Crunch Technique
1. Start by laying on your back with your arms and legs out straight, which helps to get the greatest range of movement.

2. Engage your core muscles to keep the tension on your six pack at all times, as well as protecting your back by preventing it from hyperextending during the second phase of the exercise.

3. It’s known as a V crunch because what you’re aiming to do is raise your upper body while lifting your legs, which brings you into a V position. To do this, perform an upper crunch so that your shoulders come up off the floor at the same time you do a lower crunch so that your hips also come up. This can be done quickly or slowly depending on your goal.

4. If you do the V crunch correctly, only your glutes will be in contact with the floor at the halfway point of the exercise, with your arms and legs straight and your hands touching your toes.

5. Hold this position for a second to get an isometric contraction, really squeezing your abs as much as you can.

6. Return to the start position with control, at a rate of about 3 – 5 seconds, keeping your arms and legs straight and your core fully engaged until your shoulders and legs are just touching the floor.

7. Hold this position for a second to get another isometric contraction, keeping your lower back flat and not allowing it to arch, then begin the next rep.

V Crunch Notes
1. This is not an exercise for your arms or hip flexors, it’s for your six pack, so make sure your shoulders and hips are coming up off the floor.

2. If you find the V crunch to difficult with your legs straight, bend your knees before you start and then maintain this as you do the exercise as normal.

3. To make the V crunch harder once you can consistently do it with good technique, hold a dumbbell or weight in your hands and use ankle weights or grip a dumbbell between your feet.

4. To avoid working your neck, keep your head in the same position by imagining you have an orange under your chin.

5. At the end of each set, hold the final horizontal contraction for as long as you can do so with your core engage and your lower back against the floor to really exhaust your six pack.

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