How To Lose Stomach Fat

How To Lose Stomach Fat - Dream Body Six PackWhether you’re looking to lose stomach fat to get a six pack, or just to get a flatter, more toned abs, there are many different ways meant to achieve this. Most of them are unpleasant, slow, expensive and ineffective, but some of them actually get results. Make sure you’re doing the right ones or you could be just wasting time, money and energy.

Just about every diet and exercise product out there promises to help you lose stomach fat and get a ripped six pack, usually in an unrealistically short amount of time and only if you buy there essential program or supplement. But not all of them. The good ones, if followed correctly, do actually work. But they all share a few things in common to achieve that. To save you the time and money searching for them, here are the top 10 tips to help you lose stomach fat.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 1 – Reduce Your Overall Body Fat
The most important thing to know if you want to lose the fat off your stomach is that ultimately, the only way to achieve this is to reduce your overall body fat. It’s not possible to choose where you lose it from, that’s for your body to decide. No matter how many sit ups you do this will always be the case, so whatever the “secret ab exercise the experts don’t want you to know about” might be, it won’t do any good.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 2 – Boost Your Metabolism
Your metabolism is basically the speed at which your body functions, so if you have a fast metabolism you use more calories in a day than if you had a slow metabolism doing exactly the same activities. This is known as your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). A bit like a car that travels 40 miles per gallon compared to one that travels 80, you want to be the one that travels 40. There are a few ways to do this, many of which are listed below, and there are more benefits than just burning extra calories.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 3 – Interval Training
A good example of interval training is walking for 30 seconds and then sprinting for 30 seconds, repeated for 20 minutes, but the principle can apply to cycling or rowing or even the cross trainer or stepper. Not only will you burn more calories than if you had jogged at a steady state for the same amount of time, but for 10 of the 20 minutes you are just walking and are able to get your breath back. Not only that, but during interval training a lot more of the calories will come from burning fat!

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 4 – Train With Weights
If you’re not already following a weight-training program that includes your whole body and not just a few ab exercises, you’re missing out on a great way to burn calories while you work out. Better still, you’ll increase your metabolism and your BMR, which means your body is using more calories even while you sleep!

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 5 – Eat Breakfast
How To Lose Stomach Fat - Dream Body Six PackMore and more people are skipping breakfast, whether this is because they don’t have time or because they have a misguided belief that this will help them lose weight. If your goal is to lose stomach fat and get a six pack however, you should do the exact opposite and make it one of your most important meals of the day. If you eat within 20 minutes of waking up it lets your body knows that food is available and kick-starts your metabolism for the day. If you don’t you’re telling it the opposite, which is one of the ways to slow your metabolism, lower your BMR and increase fat storage.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 6 – Eat 6 Meals A Day
Once you’ve made a point of having breakfast, the next thing to do to enhance all of the benefits that brings is to eat a total of 6 meals throughout the day. To do this properly you need to know your total daily calorie requirements for the day, then divide it by 6. This is how many you should have for each meal, which should be eaten every 2 and a half hours.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 7 – Avoid Starvation Mode
It might seem a good idea to eat as little as possible to promote fat loss, but getting less than your BMR causes your body to go into starvation mode after just 24 hours. This means a slower metabolism, a lower BMR and a body far more likely to store fat.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 8 – Avoid High GI Food
GI stands for Glycemic Index, which is a measure of how quickly a carbohydrate is digested in the body, which therefore effects the level of sugar in the blood. Glucose, which is pure sugar, is given a GI of 100, while chickpeas have a GI of just 10. Glucose is absorbed quickly and pushes up insulin levels, which cause it to be stored as fat, while chickpeas are absorbed slowly, have much less effect on insulin levels and are therefore used for energy. This also means that low GI foods stop you feeling hungry for longer.

If that all seems a little complicated just remember this: avoid sugary food and drink, unless it’s immediately after a good workout.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 9 – Create A Calorie Deficit
Create a calorie deficit is just a fancy way of saying use more calories than you eat. And while this might sound obvious it’s something that a lot of people seem to have trouble doing. This can be especially hard if you have an inactive lifestyle because your total daily calorie requirements might only be a couple of hundred calories more than your BMR. So if eating less just doesn’t seem possible right now, try changing the types of food you eat to be lower calorie and with a higher GI. Also, as I said earlier, boost your metabolism and exercise the right way.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Tip 10 – Persistence
Whatever the latest celebrity fad diet or workout might claim, you’re not going to get a six pack overnight. It took you months or more likely years to get the stomach fat you have now so getting rid of it will take work. It means changing not just what you eat but how you eat; it means changing the exercise you do or even starting for the first time ever; but most of all it means changing the way you think. Losing stomach fat isn’t something you can just do once and then return to your old habits, it means persisting with the ones that work.

Depending where you are right now it might be true that you can achieve your goal in just a few weeks, but even if it takes months to get there, the things you did to get there are things you’re going to have to do for the rest of your life.

Persist until you get where you want to be, then persist to stay there.

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  1. Very informative and honest article! So many people think it’s actually possible to burn only fat on their belly and that getting a flat tummy means lots of sit ups when really it’s all about whole body fitness! Combine all these tips and you’ll be well on your way to the tummy you dream of!!

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