Burn Fat And Lose Weight The Right Way

Toned Woman - Burn Fat And Lose WeightIf you want to know how to burn fat and lose weight then forget the latest fad diet or celebrity workout, just keep it simple, stick to a few basic rules and follow the workout below. That way you can quickly lose 2 or 3 pounds a week without having to worry about putting it all back on afterwards. You’ll also improve your fitness level in the process leaving you toned and full of energy.

Planning a diet that will burn fat and lose weight in the most effective way but still leave you with sufficient energy to work, exercise and make the most of your day is possible, but it would also require a book in itself and be so complicated that most people wouldn’t stick to it. So we’ll leave that to professional athletes and instead follow a few concepts that always succeed in helping me to lose at least 2 pounds a week.

How Many Calories To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

The first thing you need to know is how many calories you’ll be having but to do that you need to know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which is the minimum amount of calories your body needs each day, and then your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) which is the total amount of calories you use each day. You can either search for a calorie calculator online, or do it yourself with the following calculation.

Women: BMR = 655 + ( 4.35 x weight in pounds ) + ( 4.7 x height in inches ) – ( 4.7 x age in years )
Men: BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year )

Man With Ripped Abs - Burn Fat And Lose WeightThen to work out your total required calories (TDEE) do the following:
Inactive (little or no exercise & desk job) = BMR x 1.2
Lightly Active (light exercise 1-3 days a week) = BMR x 1.375
Moderately Active (moderate exercise 3-5 days a week) = BMR x 1.55
Very Active (hard exercise 3-5 days a week) = BMR x 1.725
Extremely Active (intense daily workouts & physical job) = BMR x 1.9

My article, How Many Calories To Get A Six Pack explains this all more simply.

So how many calories to burn fat and lose weight. Well as an example let’s say your minimum calorie requirement (BMR) is 2000 and your daily total (TDEE) is 3000. Anything less than 3000 will cause you to lose weight and a sustainable amount to reduce this by is 500 a day to 2500. This will cause 1 pound of fat to be lost per week. But why not just cut it to 1500? Or even less? Well if you get less calories than your BMR you will actually promote fat storage and slow down your metabolism, which isn’t what we want.

To avoid this and not become obsessed with counting calories, aim for 500 more than your BMR and make sure you exercise regularly to burn fat and increase your TDEE.

To Burn Fat And Lose Weight, What To Eat And When

As I said, diet and nutrition is a book in itself and there other articles on this site that provide more detail, but basically when you want to burn fat and lose weight you should be aiming for 40% of your calories coming from protein, 40% coming from carbohydrates and 20% coming from fat. Other popular diets you might have seen cut out carbs altogether, but this makes training difficult and has a bad effect on your mood and concentration. It also causes your body to crave carbohydrates and hang on to them when they do return (when you reach your target weight) and store them as fat.

As for when to eat, the simple answer to that is spread your meals out in equal portions throughout the day. Ideally you want 7 meals a day but in the real world, 5 is more realistic. See my article How Many Meals To Get A Six Pack

When To Exercise To Burn Fat And Lose Weight

The best way to use exercise to help you burn fat is to do to some cardio/CV training before breakfast and lift weights on an evening, but not many people are able to do this due to work or other commitments. What I suggest instead is to do what I do: exercise once a day with a combination of weights and cardio. The best time to do this is still on a morning before breakfast, but if you can get yourself to exercise 5 or 6 times a week it’s going to make a massive difference to helping you burn fat whenever you do it.

What Exercise Will Help Lose Weight And Burn Fat

Woman Before And After Burn Fat And Lose WeightExactly what cardio training you do isn’t as important the way you do it. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best way to get your heart rate higher, burn more calories and boost your metabolism, which is exactly what you want to burn fat.

If you’re training twice a day, in the morning choose a cardio exercise (running, cycling, cross trainer, rowing etc) and do 30 seconds of intense exercise going as fast or as hard as you can, follow this with 30 seconds of recovery (easy) exercise and repeat for 20 minutes. In the evening your weights workout should involve compound (multi-joint) exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlift and shoulder press for 12-15 reps with 1 minutes rest between each. The whole workout should last less than 1 hour.

If you’re training once a day do a combination of both in a single workout. An example of which is as follows:

Workout 1: No rest. Once you start, rest only when you’ve finished.
DB Bench Press x 30 secs
DB Shoulder Press x 30 secs
DB Lateral Raise x 30 secs
DB Deadlift x 30 secs
DB Squat x 30 secs
5 minutes Cycling maximum effort
Repeat x 5

Workout 2: No rest. Once you start, rest only when you’ve finished.
Lat Pulldown x 30 secs
Bench Press x 30 secs
Lateral Raise x 30 secs
Seated Row x 30 secs
Cable Crunch x 30 secs
5 minutes running or cycling maximum effort
Leg Press/Squat x 30 secs
Hamstring Curl x 30 secs
Walking Lunge x 30 secs
Burpees x 30 secs
5 minutes rowing or punch bag maximum effort
Repeat x 3

In Summary

1. Work out how many calories you need. BMR and TDEE
2. Work out how many calories you’re now going to have to burn fat. TDEE – 500
3. Work out how many calories each meal and how much protein, carbohydrates and fat
4. Exercise! The more often you exercise and the harder you work the more calories you will use and the more you will burn fat.

Remember. As you burn fat and lose weight your BMR and TDEE number will go down. If you don’t recalculate them and adjust your calorie intake accordingly you will not lose as much weight. Your weight loss might even stop altogether. Be sure to check this every 3 or 4 weeks to maintain healthy, sustainable weight-loss and burn fat.

As always, any questions or feedback leave a comment below.

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