Change Your Workout To Maintain Your Motivation

Change Your Workout - Dream Body Six PackOne of the most common reasons I hear for why people stop exercising is that they find it boring, but when there are so many different exercises that can be done with so many different variations the ways to change your workout are almost limitless.

A workout routine should be changed every 6-8 weeks, otherwise it becomes less and less effective as the body adapts to it and then has no further reason to grow, which also helps prevent exercise ever becoming boring. Just one simple change can alter the whole workout and with this simple guide you can do it yourself, without needing to hire a personal trainer to do it for you.

How To Change Your Workout Suggestion 1 – Change The Exercises

This might sound obvious but if you find the exercises in your workout boring, change them. There are plenty of exercises for each body part on this site so if you really don’t like doing the bench press try a dumbbell press instead. Or chest flyes, press ups or pec deck machine. If the exercises themselves aren’t the problem try doing them in a different order. So instead of doing squats, leg press, walking lunge and then leg extension, reverse this and do leg extension, walking lunge, leg press and then squats. You might be surprised at the difference this makes. Click here for a list of exercises

How To Change Your Workout Suggestion 2 – Change The Sets And Reps

The basics of weight training is less than 5 reps for strength building, 8-10 for building size and 12-15 for muscle endurance/definition, but this can get boring so fortunately it isn’t quite that simple. For example, if you’re going for muscle building you could get your 10 reps by doing 5-rep supersets, which will also have the added benefit of working on your strength than a more straightforward muscle building set. Or you could try 3 exercises per superset for 5 reps each which would also work on your endurance.  For more on this click here

How To Change Your Workout Suggestion 3 – Change The Rep Speed

Most people don’t even think about the speed of each repetition or what effect, if any, it might have, but it provides yet another way to change a workout that is becoming boring. Lifting a weight explosively works the fast twitch muscle fibres more and helps with power, size and strength, while lowering it slowly over 3, 5 or even 7 seconds works it eccentrically which can help with muscle endurance and control. Holding the muscle still while under tension, such as done for the plank exercise for the abs, is another alternative, as is plyometric for which box jumps are a good example.

How To Change Your Workout Suggestion 4 – Change The Rest Period

If you’re like most people you don’t even think about how long you rest for between sets, but if you a regular visitor to this site you’ll know how important it actually is. Plus it could change your workout from one where it feels like you’re just killing time between sets, chatting, or playing with your phone, to one that is more exciting and intense. Unless your focus is purely strength training at the expense of everything else your rest periods should be a maximum of 90 seconds. For muscle building I recommend 60 seconds is your target, but if you want to include some endurance training and cardiovascular (fitness) try 30 seconds. If you’re doing full or half body training (see suggestion 5) you could do away with rest periods altogether and treat your workout more like a circuit training session. Whatever rest period you decide on make sure you stick to it. Make sure you can always see a clock or even better, take a stopwatch. For more on this click here

How To Change Your Workout Suggestion 5 – Change The Focus Area Of The Workout

A general fitness stereotype is that women want to lose weight and tone up while men want to build muscle and get more defined. But both mean exactly the same thing. To tone up means to build some muscle, while get more defined means to lose weight (fat), yet men and women are generally given workouts with a very different focus. For men it’s to do a split workout, which means only train certain body parts on certain days, while for women it’s to do a full-body workout, training the whole body in every session. But there is no reason a man can’t do a full-body workout or a woman can’t do a split workout, especially if it helps a boring workout suddenly feel exciting and new. Another alternative is to do a half-body workout, alternating between only training upper body one workout and lower body the next.

How To Change Your Workout Suggestion 6 – Change Your CV Training

Another gym stereotype is that men prefer to lift weights while women prefer to do cardio, but the usual reason for this is that men fear cardio will burn precious muscle and women fear weights will give them big muscles. This can be true but is easily avoided. Just adding cardio to your workout can be enough to remotivate you, but even if it’s already in there, keep it fresh by changing it regularly. The easiest way is to simply do something different. So if you usually run, try rowing, cycling, the elliptical (x-trainer) or even an aerobics class. There are also different ways to train. Steady state means to work at a certain pace or resistance for a set length of time, but far more effective, and interesting, is interval training. It can be applied to any cardio but an example is 60 seconds of maximum effort at the highest level you can manage (work phase) followed by 60 seconds at a much lower level (recovery phase). The work/recovery phase times can also be altered, so maybe 30 seconds work then 30 seconds rest, or 60 seconds work and 30 seconds rest. Whichever you choose repeat this for 20-30 minutes for a cardio session that will burn plenty of fat, leave your muscles intact and be far from boring. For more on this click here

Within the 6 suggestions I have given you there are actually hundreds of different workouts you can easily create for yourself, so whatever your excuse for not getting to the gym, a boring workout won’t be one of them.

As always, any questions or feedback leave a comment below.

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