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Vince DelMonte, creator of Your Six Pack Quest, is a Personal trainer and Canadian Fitness Model Champion. He was once known as “Skinny Vinny” when he weighed just 149 and competed in long distance running and triathlons, but then in just 6 months he gained over 41 pounds of rock-hard muscle without drugs, without a lot of supplements, and training only three days per week.

Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteFor this reason Vince DelMonte got my attention and I decided to take a look at Your Six Pack Quest to see if it was the real deal that could help any guy or girl slash their body fat and get a chiselled six pack. I’ve been training for nearly 20 years so I wondered if it would also teach me anything I didn’t already know.

To say I learnt a few things is bit of understatement!

The first thing I noticed was just how much content there was for such a small amount of money. I received the Your Six Pack Quest ebook, called No Nonsense 6 Pack, along with over $1000 worth of bonus material which included video, audio and more ebooks, which unlike many products were things I was actually interested in having. All of this came with unlimited updates, access to the Private Member forum, and a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!

This is what you get when you order Your Six Pack Quest, each of which I’ll be telling you more about. It can be watched online or downloaded quickly and easily. In my case it only took about 5 minutes to get…

No-Nonsense 6-Pack E-Book

No-Nonsense 6-Pack DVD

The “Hard Losers” 84-Day Meal Plans

16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program

16-Week 4-Day Metabolic Extreme Program

16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program

4-Week Body Weight Conditioning Program

The 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

The No-Nonsense 6-Pack Fat Loss Virtual Trainer

The Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files

The 24/7 Six- Pack Coach

Unlimited Updates

No-Nonsense Private Member Zone


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteI started with the Your Six Pack Quest ebook, called No Nonsense Six Pack, which is well set out, well written, and had me hooked within a few pages.

Chapter 1 – 15 Reasons You Won’t Get A Six Pack This includes not understanding the reasons you burn fat as opposed to just burning calories; obsessing over calorie counting when all calories are not created equally; why you’re fat because of habitual obesity and not genetic obesity; why dieting makes you fat; too much aerobics and not enough resistance training (which applies to women too); and not learning by doing, such as reading books on how to get a six pack without actually doing anything!

Chapter 2 – Your Six Pack Motivation Plan – This chapter concentrates on how to create unstoppable motivation including defining your “why”; creating the right emotional environment; getting what you focus on; adjusting your beliefs; and goal getting instead of just goal setting.

Chapter 3 – Your Six Pack Weight Training Plan – As the Six Pack Quest workouts are separate to the No Nonsense Six Pack book, this chapter concentrates on the principles of weight training Vince DelMonte uses and teaches. This includes the ICE principle which stands for Intensity, Concentration, and Exertion of effort. In other words it’s less about reps, sets and rest periods and more about the feedback you get from your body. Also, focussing on full range of motion; increasing the load; and lactic acid training, all of which is explained simply but in detail.

Chapter 4 – Your Six Pack Cardio Plan – Again the plan is separate to the book but instead Vince DelMonte explains when it’s best to do cardio; how long sessions should last; how hard they should be; and how to fit them into your week depending on whether you have 3 hours a week, 3-5 hours a week, 5-7 hours a week, or 7-9 hours a week. In other words Vince is pretty thorough and clearly aims to cater for most lifestyles.

Chapter 5 – Your Six Pack Meal Plan – The first part of this chapter contains a list of foods which are grouped into 5 different categories, depending on whether they should be included in six pack diet or eliminated entirely. Some of these might seem obvious but others are less so and it’s definitely a good list to use in the future as a quick reference. Following this is a guide (not rules!) for what else can be done to improve your diet, including how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, which I found very useful.

Chapter 6 – Your Six Pack Supplement Plan – Despite stressing that NO supplement melts fat, there are 5 supplements that Vince DelMonte suggests could be useful for helping to get a six pack, but only when used as an addition to an otherwise healthy, and preferably unprocessed, diet.

Chapter 7 – Your Six Pack Lifestyle Plan – The final chapter of the No Nonsense Six Pack ebook is based around the line, “Will it get you closer to your goal or further from your goal?”. As Vince explains, this applies whether you’re eating out, wanting to drink alcohol, responding to stress, which can contribute greatly to making you fat, and finally how a lack of sufficient, quality sleep can do the same.

The No Nonsense Six Pack ebook is a good introduction to the individual ebooks and video files and a very good read. On its own it contains more than enough information to improve your diet, your exercise regime (if you have one), and destroy a few myths in the first chapter about the things that prevent you from getting a six pack.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte3-DAY WORKOUT – Next I watched Vince DelMonte do the entire 3-day workout, which is aimed at beginners or those wanting to start the program from scratch and is intended to speed up the metabolism and create a solid foundation for the 4 and 5 day workouts. It involves super sets for upper body strengthening and lower body speed using free weights, body weight, and machines. Intended to last 16 weeks before moving on to the 4-day workout.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte4-DAY WORKOUT – Now watch Vince DelMonte do the entire 4-day intermediate level workout which now involves giant-sets (three exercises in turn without resting). It includes a lot of alternative exercises to use if your gym is busy or doesn’t have certain equipment. Also, as Vince stresses repeatedly, this keeps the workouts changing and therefore keeps them interesting. Intended to last another 16 weeks at the end of which the goal is to have lost 30 to 60 pounds of body fat.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte5-DAY WORKOUT – For the advanced series we watch Vince DelMonte do the complete 5-day advanced workout with a lower range of reps which is more like muscle building, but as you are doing this with a calorie deficit it will instead increase your metabolism even more so it’s suitable for men AND women.


After watching all of the videos for all of the workouts it’s obvious Vince knows exactly what he’s talking about in the gym. If his excellent technique for each of the many exercises wasn’t proof enough, his physique says it all. Especially his six pack which is clearly visible even with his shirt on!


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteThe “Hard Losers” 84-Day Meal Plans

One of the hardest things about trying to lose body fat is no longer eating the food you’re used to and instead having a healthier, yet just as tasty, alternative. Your Six Pack Quest comes with ten, 84-day meal plans which includes what you should eat, at what time, how to prepare it, and exactly what the calorie contents, protein contents, carbohydrates and fat are for each meal, plus the totals for each day. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a full list of exactly what groceries you’ll need to buy each week.

The meal plans are varied, surprisingly tasty considering how healthy everything is, and are available for 1200 calorie diets, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600, 2800, and 3000 calorie diets. In other words, for everyone!


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte4-Week Body Weight Conditioning Program

In case you were thinking of using not being able to get to the gym as an excuse for not training, Vince DelMonte has got this covered. This 4-week program can be done anywhere, with or without a gym. But if you’re happy with your 3, 4, or 5-day workout this can instead be used as very effective warm up routine, or as a cardio workout.

There are 5 different bodyweight workouts, each of which is different to the last and increases in difficulty each time. The first 2 involve upper and lower body and the idea is to do sets of 15 seconds work, 15 seconds rest for beginners; 20 seconds work, 20 seconds rest for intermediate; 25 seconds work, 5 seconds rest for advanced. The third is for just legs and goes not for time, but for 10-20 reps, without any rest periods. Bodyweight workout 4 concentrates on the core and number 5 on the six pack abdominals.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteThe 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

Described by Vince DelMonte as, a very specific cardio training protocol that has NEVER been published anywhere and will transform your abs/core region beyond physique display… The power of this abs/core cardio program must be witnessed to be believed and will build your abs, melt the fat and will redefine the term, “fat burning machine.”

Vince achieves this by generating lots of lactic acid to stimulate the release of growth hormones, as well as stripping the fat from the six pack area. The program involves doing a cardio session of 15 minutes, followed immediately by an abdominal workout, which is then immediately followed by another 15 minutes of cardio. Over the weeks this increases to 30-minute cardio sessions, each of which is far more interesting than a simple run on a treadmill and described in a separate ebook.

When it comes to the abdominal part of the programs, we again get to watch Vince DelMonte do exactly what he’s telling us to do in 2 videos. This helps explain the various Razor Sharp Abs programs as well as demonstrating his own fitness level, which by now I have no doubt of.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteThe No-Nonsense 6-Pack Fat Loss Virtual Trainer

As I’m a bit of an exercise collector, the 6 Pack Virtual Trainer is one of my favourite parts of the Your Six Pack Quest program. Offering every exercise necessary to complete the entire 6-month program, this fully-animated online database is organised by muscle group and movement pattern explains more than 100 exercises. The Virtual Trainer is quick and easy to use, but if I have one minor complaint it’s that the animated images could have just as easily been done with photos of a real person, especially Vince DelMonte himself. Having said that the images used are clear and easy to understand.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteThe Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files

This online article, which also contains videos and links to many others, is Vince DelMonte’s personal list of the best nutritional supplements which he recommends based on absorption, potency, and quality.


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteUnlimited Updates

Committed to making Your Six Pack Quest the last program you’ll ever need when it comes to getting a six pack, Vince DelMonte is dedicated to continually making it better, more complete, and easier to follow. Whether the updates are made in 6 months or 20 years, you get them FREE. I can’t think of many programs that do that!


Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteNo-Nonsense Private Member Zone

If all the information provided in Your Six Pack Quest isn’t enough, the Private Member Forum will no doubt have the answer. Accessible only to those who have bought a Vince DelMonte product you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. You get the opinions and advice of others that have actually been where you are, bought the Your Six Pack Quest program, and achieved the results you want. You can also chat with others trying to gain muscle, weight or get a six-pack; create a training journal and log your progress; post your pictures to get feedback; discuss muscle building and fat loss training; learn more about the supplements Vince DelMonte uses; access a complete area on nutrition; get brand name supplement reviews; read reviews of other training programs; access articles, training programs and meal plans; listen to audio interviews.

As it’s a private members only area you avoid the usual downsides of a public forum, which is why it’s one of the most valuable parts of the entire Your Six Pack Quest program.

So What’s The Verdict?

 Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonteMy first impression of Your Six Pack Quest was you get so much for your money that, other than the No Nonsense 6 Pack ebook, most of it’s probably of little use and is just thrown in to get a sale.

But I was VERY wrong!

Despite being a personal trainer myself and having worked out for nearly 20 years, I still learnt a lot from this program. Vince DelMonte covers everything in a very knowledgeable yet also very clear way, which means it’s simple enough for a beginner and detailed enough for the more advanced. I especially like the meal plans which I normally find one of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of having a healthy lifestyle.

For beginners this is an excellent, step-by-step guide to getting a six pack through good diet, low body fat, and exercise; for the more advanced it’s an excellent source of information all in one place, iYour Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMontenstead of having to make notes or try to remember the conflicting articles you’ve read elsewhere on the internet. Plus anything that might be a little basic can, as Vince DelMonte suggests, be used as warm-up routines that are far more effective and interesting than plodding along on a treadmill for 10 minutes. Having said that, I found that when I tried even the 3-Day Metabolic Boost “beginners” workout, it’s as intense as you make it.

My overall verdict for Your Six Pack Quest and the No Nonsense 6 Pack ebook is that it deserves top marks. Well explained, well put together and easy to follow, it covers everything you need to know. And in the unlikely event you do have a question that can’t be answered on the Private Members forum, you can email Vince DelMonte himself and ask him!

To Find Out More Or Purchase Your Six Pack Quest Click Here Now!


Your 6 Pack Quest - Vince Del Monte

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