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Hi, I’m David Hields. I’m a qualified advanced personal trainer and level 3 trainer / assessor. In other words I teach clients in the gym and I teach people to become personal trainers. I’ve been exercising and weight training for over 20 years and have also been writing and studying psychology for most of that time, all of which has helped me and my clients achieve results we can be proud of.

I’ve helped skinny guys gain lean muscle for the first time in their lives. I’ve helped overweight guys lose stomach fat and replace it with washboard abs. I’ve helped “hard gainers” like myself get results that won’t just disappear if having a life occasionally means you can’t make it to a workout or eat as you intended. And I’ve helped women to reduce their body fat and “tone up” so they look lean, toned and sexy!

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Or if you want to know more about me, keep reading, because although I now know how to help someone get in shape and have a great six pack in a few weeks, I did it the slow way. Real slow! I started to work out when I left school with no fitness goal to aim for, I just enjoyed going to the gym and I didn’t have a workout or diet to guide me.

For several years I relied on getting the occasional piece of advice from the guys that were clearly getting better results than I was, which I followed without actually knowing what I was doing or why it was (or wasn’t) working.

After a while I looked pretty good. I had muscles, I was toned, and I was now the guy getting asked for advice all the time. Very often I couldn’t give accurate answers though. I had a workout that worked, I had a diet that worked, and I had a good physique. But I had no idea why I was having more success than other people or how to help them. Plus I started to get a lot of injuries and I had no idea why.

I decided it was finally time to figure out exactly what it was I was doing to have a physique that got me so much attention, as well as why I was getting so many injuries it prevented me from training as intensely as I wanted to. I went right back to the beginning and read everything I could find on weight training and fitness and completed my advanced personal trainer qualification, which includes nutrition, kinesiology, cardiovascular fitness, resistance training and exercise technique. I also passed a trainer / assessor qualification so I can teach people to become personal trainers themselves.

But that was the easy part.

The hard part was going to the gym and forcing myself to lower all of the weights I’d previously lifted so I could concentrate on correct technique and form. Some of the changes I made seemed counter-intuitive, they were the opposite of what I’d always been told and believed, but it wasn’t long before the results spoke for themselves.

Now I’m stronger than ever, I look better than ever, and since I made those changes I haven’t had a single injury!

I wasted years before I finally figured it all out and in the process I did just about everything wrong. But the good news is that you don’t have to, because whatever problem you’re having or whatever mistake you’re making, I’ve been there!

I created this site for one reason – to help people who make the effort to exercise and improve their diet get the rewards they want and deserve as quickly as possible.

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  1. So I’m 19 and just graduated high school this spring and I have came across your site because I thought that I could look up exercises so that I don’t gain the “freshman 15” in college. I’m terrified of getting fat since now I’m not playing any sports which kept me in shape the past 4 years. My boyfriend is really big into fitness and working out and he has his own little gym at his house which the past two weeks I’ve been trying to go over there to workout, but I’m at a loss at what I could do at my house on the days that I can’t make it over there. As of right now I don’t have any weights or dumbbells I could use at my house. I’ve always looked up different exercises but I’m not sure which ones really work and I don’t want to waste my time on something that’s not going to work. Also I was a big pop drinker but I’ve stopped drinking pop and now try to only drink water. I don’t know what foods that I should start eating or what foods would help. I want to tone my body everywhere. Arms, legs, calves, butt, back, I really want abs or at least a toned stomach. I am what people would call a “fat skinny” if that makes sense. I’ve seen the pictures of the girls on your site and that’s exactly the kind of body I want. I am serious on this and want to be dedicated on getting the body that I want. I just want a better body than what I have now. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Thank you
    – Kayla

    1. Hi, Kayla. Apologies for the late reply but I just haven’t had time to answer comments until now.
      If your boyfriend has his own weights you can use, one idea might be to concentrate on using them for building/maintaining some muscle to get the toning you want, and the days you can’t make it you could do more of a circuit training workout at home or even outside. Ideally you could do with a couple of dumbbells to make this harder, which you could maybe borrow of your boyfriend or buy for yourself. I have many articles about the exercises I recommend and below is a circuit training style workout for you to try.

      As for diet, there are plenty of articles on my site that will help you but the basics are as follows:

      Calculate your BMR and total daily calories needs. If you don’t know how to do this let me know your height, weight and how often you usually train and I’ll do it for you.
      Divide your calorie requirements (which is depends on the results of your calorie needs) by 5-7 equally sized meals eaten throughout the day with the focus on high protein and low carbs.
      It goes without saying that you should avoid junk food, but just as important is avoiding additives and artificial sweeteners such as MSG and aspartame. Concentrate on real, none-processed food.

      Here is the circuit training workout for you to do at home or outside. Do not rest between exercises:
      1. Burpees – 30 secs
      2. Shoulder Press (dumbbell) – 30 secs
      3. Press Ups – 30 secs
      4. Bent Over Row (DB) – 30 secs
      5. Straight Leg Deadlift (DB) – 30 secs
      6. Squats – 30 secs
      7. Standing Calve Raise – 30 secs
      8. Plank – 30 secs
      9 Upper Crunch – 30 secs
      10 Lower Crunch – 30 secs
      11 Cycle or Run for 5 minutes. Run on the spot if at home.
      12 Rest 1 minute then return to 1. Repeat 3-5 times

      You can also do this workout in reverse if you want a change.

      Any other questions just ask.


      1. Hi David, thanks for the reply, and I just now saw it or I would have replied sooner. I have found out that I will have a membership to the gym at my college that I am attending this fall and they have almost anything you could think off. My question is how much running should I do weekly or I should say daily. In between classes if I’m not studying I will be in the gym. If I’m correct running makes you lose a lot of weight if you’re doing it daily but the thing is I want to keep my butt not lose it, I just want to tone it so would I still be okay running? I’m really just lost on this whole thing. I just don’t really know where and how to start.
        thanks again,

        1. Hi, Kayla
          If running is what you enjoy then keep it up, but to make it more effective for fitness and fat burning you might want to try interval training, which will also help you keep a toned butt. An example of this is sprint for 100m then walk for and 100m and repeat, or sprint for 30 seconds and walk for 30 seconds and repeat. Whichever you choose do it for no more than 20 minutes. You could do it after a workout or on its own, just be sure that you have one day of rest a week.

  2. Hi, I am 17 and have a petite body type. I want to keep my small waist but want a toned looking stomach. MY partner does not want me too toned so I don’t know what workouts to avoid and which ones to do.

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